• Parallel session speakers
    Cécile Benezech (Edinburgh, UK)
    Aude Bernheim (Paris, France)
    Simone Di Giovanni (London, UK)
    Anne Dudeck (Magdeburg, Germany)
    Stephan Ehl (Freiburg, Germany)
    Lucie Etienne (Lyon, France)
    Moritz Gaidt (Vienna, Austria)
    Vigo Heissmeyer (München, Germany)
    Philipp Henneke (Freiburg, Germany)
    Sandrine Henri (Marseille, France)
    Claire Hivroz (Paris, France)
    Rikard Holmdahl (Stockholm, Sweden)
    Mathias Hornef (Aachen, Germany)
    Mohindar Karunakaran (Würzburg, Germany)
    Philippe Kastner (Strasbourg, France)
    Percy Knolle (München, Germany)
    Sebastian Kobold (München, Germany)
    Anne Krug (München, Germany)
    Falk Nimmerjahn (Erlangen, France)
    Francesca Odoardi (Göttingen, Germany)
    Eliane Piaggio (Paris, France)
    Marco Prinz (Freiburg, Germany)
    Anne Puel (Paris, France)
    Laurent Reber (Toulouse, France)
    Bernardo Reina-San-Martin (Strasbourg, France)
    Marta Rizzi (Freiburg, Germany)
    Marion Salou (Paris, France)
    Karin Tarte (Rennes, France)
    Eric Tartour (Paris, France)

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